The 7 Most Popular Types Of Interior Design Styles

Looking to renovate your home? These 7 types of interior design styles will help to make your remodeling projects flawless and cohesive.

During the renovation process, you’ll need to find a style that speaks to you, and use it in your plans for your new kitchen or living room.

Having a continuous style does wonders for a newly renovated room, so which style should you choose?

How to Find the Best Types of Interior Design Styles for Your Home

With so many styles available to choose from, deciding on one that is right for your home takes some serious thinking.

Creating a thoughtful, cohesive home is something that may take months, or years.

To help with this process, we created a list of the most popular types of interior design styles out there right now, and what makes them work in your home.

1. Industrial

You’ll have seen the industrial style everywhere in the last few years. It’s a cool and modern look that was originally used in cool and trendy loft apartments, but now is seen almost everywhere.

The industrial look uses a lot of exposed elements to tie rooms together.

In a room with these theme, you’re likely to see:

— Exposed brickwork

— Distressed woodwork

— Exposed metal

It’s become more up to date with the use of copper accents, which are easily found in many home design stores now.

This style uses rustic colors, such as browns, blacks, and metallics to bring the room together.  That’s why exposed metal accents and antiqued furniture, such as black coffee tables or sofas, work so well in the same space.

It’s a bold look that’s for people who love something that’s a bit different from the norm.

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2. Mid Century Modern

This style has come back in a big way in recent years.

This in no small part thanks to shows like Mad Men, which showed off the interior design looks of the 1960’s at their best.

Even if it hadn’t, the mid century modern look would still have had its moment in the sun, thanks to the timelessness of the design.

The mid century modern look is all about clean lines, and furniture made from materials that were brand new at the time, such as:

— Molded plastic

— Aluminum

— Plywood

This made good interior style more accessible than ever before.

The furniture often doesn’t have patterns incorporated into the design, but the decorations and accents certainly do. This includes a mid century modern sofa and a quirky print on a rug is a great way to bring the look into your home.

3. Scandinavian

If you hear Scandinavian, then you’re going to think of IKEA. The furnishing giant certainly has cornered the market in affordable stylish furniture.

The look is actually an offshoot of mid century modern, which is simple yet functional by design.

With Scandinavian interior design styles, you’ll see furnishings that are gently contoured and feature accent colors that really pop.

The furnishings are designed to have populist appeal, so that could explain why you’ll find some IKEA furnishings in almost any home.

The most common colors used are gray and white, with accent colors being more bold.

4. Nautical

Nautical design seems to come around time and time again, and it’s easy to see why. The style is simple and easy to implement in your home.

Why wouldn’t you want to bring a little bit of the beach into your own home?

The nautical design trend is also sometimes described as coastal cottage style, or coastal style. You’ll have seen it all over stores, as the accessorizing is so easy to do. There’s:

— Jars of sand and seashells

— Life preservers

— Driftwood items

— Shorelines, and more

There’s so many options that it’s easy to adopt the style for yourself.

As you’d imagine, blue is the main color associated with the nautical style, with white or sand colors being the foundation for it.

Unfinished wood is the most popular style for furnishings, with linen being used for soft furnishing accents, such as throw pillows.

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5. Farmhouse

Like other types of interior design styles, the farmhouse look has been around in one form or another for years now.

The modern take on it is less farm cabin and more French farm in design. That means lots of light colors, wood accents, and greenery everywhere.

It uses some of the same colors as the nautical look too, with white and beige being the most popular base colors.

Lavender is a good accent, whether it’s a paint color, or the actual plant being grown on your windowsills.

The trick to the farmhouse look is to being in as much nature as you can.

If you love planting seeds and watching them grow, they’ll look wonderful in a farmhouse setting.

6. Shabby Chic

You’ve certainly heard of shabby chic before, and the look isn’t about to die off anytime soon.

The look is most closely associated with furniture that has been weathered or distressed.

It mixes opulent looks with the style of furniture that has been around a long time.

Think a beautiful ornate mirror frame, that has been sanded down to show wood through the paint finish. To add color to a shabby chic look, you’ll want to generously add textiles, such as rugs and throws, to the mix.

Popular consensus says that colors should be pale or pastel, but don’t be afraid to mix in something vibrant.

7. Bohemian

The bohemian look is that of artful ‘messiness’, layering different styles and patterns together to give the look of someone who has traveled the world and come back with new items for their home.

There are lots of rich colors, such as reds and purples, that are often used in this style.

Textiles are the key to creating this look. Layer them together to create the look you’re going for, especially:

— Rugs

— Throws

— Pillows

— Fur

— More textures

When it comes to furnishings, you’re looking for Moroccan or Southwestern inspired pieces to finish the look off.

Don’t be afraid to go a little overboard with this look. It’s designed to look exciting and well lived in, so pick pieces that speak to you and your home.


Ultimately, when it comes down to it, the style that you choose to decorate your home with comes down to personal taste and style.

These are just some of the most exciting types of interior design styles that you can create for your home.

You can bring the sea into your living room, or the patterns of faraway places into your bedroom. You can experiment with each look until you have something that’s uniquely you in your home.

Need more inspiration for the best types of interior design styles for your home? Skyline Construction and Remodeling can help with every aspect of your remodeling project and help you choose a style that’s right for you.

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